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Tim M.

I start every day by making sure I am present and accountable for the residents.”

When Tim McCracken says the people who live at Simpson Meadows “are the best I’ve seen in my career. They are like my people. They are fantastic,” he speaks from long experience. Tim first got involved in senior services more than 20 years ago when, as an undergraduate music therapy student at Immaculata University, he volunteered to play guitar and sing with a sing-along group. “I felt comfortable in the senior living environment and never left,” says Tim, who has served as Simpson Meadows’ executive director since March 2022. He had held several positions in healthcare and senior services, most recently as nursing home administrator at a Delaware healthcare and rehabilitation center.

A pianist and guitar player, he has also taught music lessons and played in bands. “I liked to play classical music,” he says.

No “typical” day

Tim starts making the rounds at Simpson Meadows at 6:45 a.m., during breakfast. That gives him a chance to touch base with those who are just ending their night shift. He makes sure to visit every area of the community each day.

“I also like to work until after the evening shift starts, so that everyone can have access to me if they need,” he says. He meets with the administrative team every day—but beyond that, no two days are the same. “One of the most exciting things in administration is that there is a tremendous amount of variability. Each day is different.”

For example, when the position of community life director at Simpson Meadows opened up, Tim went the extra mile. “We have a small group of New York Times crossword puzzle enthusiasts,” he notes. “I hosted that group until we filled the role.” His first paid job in senior living was as an activity assistant, so it was a perfect fit.

Taking it to the next level

“Simpson Meadows is a great place. The wealth of experience and diversity of personalities and experience of both staff and residents make it a great place,” Tim says.

“As a great place, it is supported by a strong and ethical leadership group, which allows us to take a really good place and make a place that is the best of the best.”

From working closely with the resident council president to growing the community’s permanent staff, Tim is focused on achieving that goal.

Musical family

As a morning person, Tim says his favorite part of the day is seeing people arrive at work. But it’s not the only part of his day, and he’s not all about work. When not with Jill and Hannah or at Simpson Meadows, Tim enjoys fly fishing as a lifelong pursuit and loves traveling throughout the country exploring some of our Blue Ribbon river systems.

“I love the band Phish. I’ve seen them a hundred times all over the country,” he explains. He met his wife on a dating site when he filtered by “Phish” and found a fellow fan. Today, he and Jill have been married eight years and have a daughter who is taking piano lessons, following in her musical father’s footsteps. Who knows? Perhaps someday she’ll follow his career path, too, and serve in senior living, too.

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