Meet The Freedmans

Meet Bobi & Len Freedman

They’ve Called Jenner’s Pond Home Since 2017

Focused on family—and fun

Some parents pack their kids off to the Poconos for summer camp. Len and Bobi Freedman’s son and daughter sent their kids to “Camp Freedman” for two weeks each summer, where Len and Bobi provided their four grandchildren—two boys and two girls—with the same kinds of experiences they gave their children.

“Similar to our grandkids, we took our kids to great museums, to children’s theater at The Playhouse,” says Len. “It goes on, but as they get older their interests change.”

They went to caves, amusement parks, the Franklin Institute. They did day trips and overnights with hotel stays. It was an extension of the relationships they started building by helping out when the grandchildren were born. Today, two of the grandchildren—a set of twins—are 21 and two are 16. The Freedman’s son lives in Maine, and their daughter lives in Maryland.

Bobi considers “helping to raise two self-sufficient, interesting, loving and incredible parents” to be one of her greatest accomplishments in life.

You know when it’s right, Part I
Both Philadelphia natives, Bobi and Len have lived in a lot of places. They met through Len’s sister-in-law and were married six months later. Three years after the wedding their first child was born. At the time, Len was working for Betz International, a specialty chemical manufacturer.

“When our son, David, was five years old, we had already been in seven homes,” says Bobi. “For Len’s job we traveled to Melbourne, Australia. We were in L.A. We were in Houston, New Orleans, Bucks County—all for the same job.”

“They just couldn’t figure out what to do with me,” says Len. He left Betz to go to Hercules, but didn’t want to move again. “I started my own company to avoid being relocated out to the Midwest with Hercules.”

Len’s business, LXF Incorporated, was based in Wilmington, Delaware, where the family settled. Len developed software to monitor processes in manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, and refineries. The company was small—just a handful of employees—but successful. After raising two children and working at the non-profit Open Door drug and alcohol/mental health outpatient services, Bobi joined LXF, too, and managed the business. They had the business for 30 years.

“The company retired when I retired in 2016–2017,” Len says. It has been gratifying “seeing my business grow from nothing to sustaining a family and allowing us to live here at Jenner’s Pond.”

You know when it’s right, Part II

The couple moved here in 2017.

“We only looked at two communities, here and one in Wilmington. That was it. Jenner’s Pond answered everything that we had questions about; it checked off all the boxes. After the first visit, we decided that this was the place for us,” Bobi recalls. “It was the people—whether it was staff or residents in the lobby. Very sincere and interesting people.”

They wanted to be able to age in place, and they loved the cottages and the feel of the small community.

“Within three or four months, it felt like we had always been here,” says Len.

As people who believe in the value of lifelong learning and staying active, Bobi and Len are involved in the Jenner’s Pond community. Len volunteers his IT skills with the Portal Committee and chairs the Scholarship Fund Committee. He also just finished the first year of a three-year term on the Resident Council.

“The other thing that has made an incredible impression on me was the way we were taken care of during COVID. It was beyond belief—the staff and what they did for us, the security that we felt,” said Bobi. “Some of the youngsters who were in Dining came one day with colored chalk and drew pictures and wrote notes on our driveways and signed them. Everything was like that during COVID. It was an incredible devotion to us.”

The couple says that every year on their anniversary, they ask if they would do it all over again.

“It’s a resounding ‘yes!’” they say.

Do they mean their wedding anniversary? The anniversary of their children’s births? Their grandchildren’s? Their move to Jenner’s Pond?

Yes, yes, yes & yes!

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