Meet Michelle Barton

Meet Michelle Barton


She’s Called Simpson House Home Since 2019

A life of learning with the Lord

Michelle Barton was born on May 10, 1949 with her twin brother Michael, in Philadelphia, PA. Her parents were Emith Barton, Sr., and Margaret Barton. Michelle and her 2 other siblings grew up in North Philadelphia. As a teenager, Michelle and her family moved to West Philadelphia.

School and summer camp

“I went away to summer camp and was born again into God’s family.” Michelle recalled, “I’m thankful that I had a prayerful mother who took her children to Sunday school and Vacation Bible school.”
Michelle studied primary education at Temple University and she eventually earned a master’s degree in education. As a student at Temple University, Michelle played on the women’s tennis team. As a tall woman, she had a really powerful serve. She even won the women’s singles tennis tournament at her workplace.

Upon graduation from Temple University, Michelle was hired and taught technology at Spruce Hill Christian school for eight years. After passing the tests for the School District of Philadelphia, she taught at Alcorn Elementary School, Add B. Anderson Elementary School, and Mitchell Elementary School. Remarkably, Michelle set up a new computer lab in each of these three schools. Finally, she retired in 2009, from Gideon Elementary School, where Michelle herself once attended as a kindergarten student—and some years later left a lab of 30 new Apple computers.

Retirement and return to service

“I went back to Gideon Elementary School as a volunteer.” Michelle recalled, “Students did not have computers, so I taught preschoolers and kindergartners with 14 iPads, that I purchased, for them to share. I taught by theme, such as fire prevention in October, Thanksgiving in November, African-American history in February, and more. Also, I would search YouTube videos to find songs to sing in each lesson.” Her colleagues would tell her, “Michelle, you really love teaching and having fun with these children.”

Students of a different generation

Michelle has not only helped children use iPads, she is responsible for at least 25 seniors purchasing their own iPad. Weekly, she would teach the senior citizens in day care where her mother attended.

Finally, in 2018 Michelle looked for safety and familiarity in choosing and moving to Simpson House. She liked the idea that she could live independently, and know that additional support and care would be available if she needed it. At Simpson House, she continues to offer iPad classes with tips and tricks to her peers. Michelle’s neighbors know that they can come to her with questions about iDevices and other technology.

Call us today at 215-878-3600 or submit the form below to see for yourself why Michelle and other teachers choose Simpson House for retirement living.


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