Meet David Apple

Meet David Apple

Doctor of Ministry

He’s Called Simpson House Home Since 2018 

A heart for family and serving others

Asked for life lessons, David Apple will tell you, “Trust God in difficult times” and “When there is an opportunity to do good, do it.” He has lived by those words.

David was born in Paterson, New Jersey, in 1946. At age 5 he suffered a skull fracture and had a serious back injury at age 32. At age 20, he came to salvation through Northside Chapel Christian Reformed Church.

“Overcoming trauma as a child and an adult—with the grace and help of Jesus Christ—has equipped me to help others minister to those who are broken or broken-hearted,” he says.

After working as a social worker, David came to Philadelphia in 1988 to serve as director of Mercy Ministries for Tenth Presbyterian Church. Over the next 30-plus years, he led hundreds of volunteer staff in outreach, evangelism and hospitality to vulnerable populations, including the homeless, the incarcerated, at-risk children, people with AIDS and many others. He also served as a chaplain with the Philadelphia Police Department. David earned a Doctor of Ministry from Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 1999 and wrote a book, Not Just a Soup Kitchen How Mercy Ministry in the Local Church Transforms Us All. He received a Chapel of the Four Chaplains Legion of Honor Award, given to those whose lives exemplify selfless giving and unconditional service.

David also found time to raise a family and considers meeting his wife, Kate, who taught English at City Center Academy (now part of The City School), one of his greatest accomplishments. The couple had two sons and a daughter, and David has happy memories of taking them to baseball games, continuing a family tradition that he had enjoyed with his own father. He also recalls vacations with Kate, especially a 2014 Alaska cruise with stops at many ports and a visit to an eagle reserve.

“Schedule fun,” he recommends. To age well, “maintain an active lifestyle.” At Simpson House, where David has lived since 2018, he enjoys walking, praying and gathering with friends. And he still lives to serve.

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