Betty Venditta – Simpson Meadows

Betty V.

“I enjoy all of the people here, the residents and the staff are wonderful!”

Betty Venditta moved to Simpson Meadows in 2021 mostly because of the location, she says. “It’s my home town—my friends, family and doctors are here.” Since then, she has discovered even more to love about the community. “It’s comfortable and they feed us well,” she notes. “I enjoy all of the people, the residents. And the servers in the kitchen are wonderful!”

“I enjoy going to the community shows,” Betty notes.

A lifelong Downingtown resident, Betty was born in 1928 and grew up across the street from Northwood Cemetery in a house that her father bought when he and her mother married. Down the road was her grandfather’s dairy farm. “My father did not want me near the precious cows,” she recalls. “I drove the tractor.”

A chance encounter

One day, while waiting for a trolley in West Chester, Betty met Carmine Venditta. “He was with a friend, and I was with a friend. I had a pack of gum, and he asked for a piece,” she says. They married in 1948 and had four children—three boys and a girl. When their daughter was born, they hadn’t yet chosen a name for her.

“My sister-in-law was an operating room nurse and said we couldn’t leave the hospital without naming her,” says Betty. “She suggested Carole Anne, which was the doctor’s daughter’s name.”

The family lived in a house built on land that her father had gifted to them. Betty worked in Quality Assurance at Vishay Industries, a manufacturer of ceramic chips for electronics, until she retired in 1963 to take care of her ailing husband and mother. Betty lived in that house for 70 years.

A sense of comfort

Betty looks back on it all and smiles. “I raised four educated, prosperous children, and each is happily married to the perfect person for them,” she says. They gave her eight grandchildren—three boys and five girls. “I had 50 years married to a good man and 26 years in a job I liked.”

She has had—and continues to enjoy—a good life, going to shows at Simpson Meadows and following her own advice: “Guard your health, be faithful, treat others well, enjoy your family and friends, and do the best you can in everything you tackle.”

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