Barbara Donaldson – Simpson Meadows

Barbara D.

“I love living here. I’m involved in all of the activities—they provide a lot for us to do.”

Simple pleasures

“Be happy where you’re planted. My grandmother used to say that,” says Barbara Donaldson, who planted herself at Simpson Meadows in June 2022. She made the decision based on sound advice from a professional.
“My granddaughter is a nurse and highly recommended it. She goes around to all the retirement places and is familiar with these communities and what’s good and what to look for,” Barbara explains.
Across the state Barbara grew up in Regent Square, a suburb of Pittsburgh, where her father owned the local pharmacy. She worked there a lot growing up. “He would call and say, ‘One of the fountain boys didn’t show up, so I need you,’ and I would always go. I was an only child,” she says. Barbara received a bachelor’s degree in education from what is now Chatham University outside of Pittsburgh, then went on to earn a master’s degree in special education from Pittsburgh University. After her husband, William, was transferred from Pittsburgh to Downingtown, she taught for the Berwyn Easttown School District for 25 years, mostly teaching special education students in elementary school. “They moved special ed around, so I was in different schools in Paoli and Berwyn,” she recalls. She loved her students. She also had four children of her own—two boys and two girls—and now has five grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Loving life Barbara believes that the most important lesson in life is to find contentment—and she seems to have found it at Simpson Meadows. “I love living here. I’m involved in all of the activities—they provide a lot of activities for us to do,” she says. “My children laugh when they say it’s hard to get in touch with me. They didn’t expect that. I go to the Bible study at night and the church group and the exercise activity, crossword puzzle group, Bingo…” She finds a lot to love in the community—but she has one tiny complaint. “The food is also too good. I have gained weight here,” she says. “My children say, ‘Just eat and be happy.’ I would need a new wardrobe!” Call us today at 610-269-8400 or submit the form below to see for yourself why Barbara Donaldson and other seniors choose Simpson Meadows for retirement living.
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