Meet Jana Goswami & Krishna Lahiri

Meet Jana Goswami & Krishna Lahiri

They’ve Called Simpson House Home Since 2018

Life lessons

Jana Goswami and Krishna Lahiri share an appreciation for the education they received in their native India and here in the United States. They share a deeply spiritual worldview. And, since 2018, the two sisters have also shared an address: Simpson House.

Education with a global perspective
After studying at Jadavpur University and Penn State, Jana went on to teach in the Philadelphia School District for 27 years. She also started a school in India for disadvantaged children who are first-generation learners. The program started with nine students; today, the student body has grown to more than 800!

Krishna was born in Kolkata in 1941 and studied at Presidency College there before coming to the States.

“The training in research and writing that I received at the University of Pennsylvania has helped me to be engaged as an author in history,” says Krishna, who went on to teach history at Rosemont College.

Looking back at life
Krishna has fond memories of growing up with her parents and extended family, and of the life she spent with her husband, who helped her navigate her adopted homeland. They traveled the world, meeting people from all over. She loved learning about other people and cultures. Doing so gave her insights into the unity behind diversity.

Jana appreciates her education, career and home, but as she has gotten older, her focus has shifted toward seeking “more meaningful happiness—which to me means no responsibilities or obligations so I can focus on what I love: traveling, pursuing my dreams, and helping others,” she says.

Finding love and joy
Of all the lessons she has learned in life, one of the most important, Jana says, is that “Life is like a flute. It may have many holes and emptiness, but if you work on it carefully, it can play magical melodies.” She says it’s important to stay positive—something that comes easily at Simpson House.

“I receive daily inspiration from the other residents in my community. They are positive and happy—and that helps them age well!” Jana says.

Living for today and doing one thing at a time are among Krishna’s tips for aging well. Her biggest life lesson is about tolerance and acceptance.

She says, “We live in a phenomenal world, full of illusionary happenings, wrapped up in love.”

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