Helping Residents Make the Best Use of Technology

Jacob Brooke Technical Concierge - Helping Senior Living Community Residents with Technology
As a college history major, Jacob Brooke thought his career would involve teaching people to look at the past. Instead, he is focused on modern life. Today, in the newly created role of Technical Concierge, he teaches residents at Simpson communities how to take advantage of the technologies available to them.

“My parents are both in technology fields, so I was surrounded by it growing up and got a very hands-on education,” Jacob says.

“I look forward to helping residents make the best use of technology.”

—Jacob Brooke

Technical Concierge

What does this button do?

At the Simpson communities, Jacob provides basic technical support, answering residents’ questions about apps and devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, printers, televisions and Smart Home technology. At each community, he also offers monthly technology talks and weekly mini-workshops on topics like internet security, mobile devices and accessibility features, as well as on using different operating systems and popular applications. When the communities introduce new technologies, Jacob works with providers and residents to set up demos.

“My goal is to raise technical literacy and help residents feel comfortable with new technologies,” he says.

How to find Jacob

Jacob is available for one-on-one appointments. He also maintains drop-in office hours at Simpson Meadows on Mondays and Simpson House on Fridays. Tuesday is a “flex day.” Every Wednesday and Thursday he is at Jenner’s Pond, where he is looking forward to the opening of the Technology Bar. This high-tech café will allow him to demonstrate a variety of new devices and give residents an opportunity to practice using them.

At Jenner’s Pond, he also supports the community’s Technology Committee, a team of tech-savvy residents who operate a Tech Hotline for their fellow residents.

Jacob enjoys working with the Simpson residents. “They’re always bringing me new challenges,” he says.

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