“What I love most about the social life here is that Mom has her independence and within that independence, she has community.”

Family member, Simpson Gardens

“My grandson says when he grows up he wants to live here.”

Resident, Jenner’s Pond

“I am able to utilize all aspects of my life experience, from serving the residents to shoveling snow. I love coming to work. I never know how my day will unfold.”

Staff, Simpson Meadows

“At Simpson Mid-Town, I have my own beautiful apartment where I can live independently. And I can live it up, enjoy my space, do my own thing.”

“When I was preparing to move into a retirement community, my family and I carefully chose the furnishings that meant the most to me. Now each day I am surrounded by the things I love.”

“I am impressed by the long-range planning and financial oversight of Simpson Senior Services. I look forward to increased communion between the facilities and continued expansion among those populations with the greatest need.”

Board Member, Jenner’s Pond

“You were such a help to us as you made our precious Nanny a treasured part of your community.”

Grandchildren of Resident, Simpson House

“I was an adventure seeker when I was young, and I still am today. I have the freedom to live the life I have always dreamed of.”

Resident, Simpson Meadows

“I worried that after I retired I would no longer be needed. To my delight, I discovered that living in a retirement community is not the end, but a new beginning. And I am needed now more than ever.”

Resident, Simpson House

“My apartment has bright walls and is filled with sun. And after all, the sun is a sign of life. That’s what I have at Simpson Mid-Town, my own life.”

Resident, Simpson Mid-Town

“My retirement lifestyle is self-activated. I get to do the things that are important to me. And I finally have the time to play golf.”

Resident, Jenner’s Pond