Quality First

All of the Simpson Senior Services communities embrace the philosophy of Quality First. Quality First is an initiative of Leading Age  that promotes a framework for earning public trust in aging services. This initiative is a renewal of our commitment as aging services providers to help older adults and their loved ones live their lives to their fullest potential.

Through Quality First, we will work in partnership with all of our stakeholders – the people we serve and their families, the government and consumers – to create quality of care and quality of life in each of our communities. The LeadingAge and the American Health Care Association (AHCA) and the Alliance for Quality Nursing Home Care launched Quality First in July 2002.

We are using these LeadingAge Quality First 10 Elements of Quality as our guide:

  1. Commitment – A pledge by aging services providers across the continuum of aging services to maintain and promote ethical practices and the highest standards of quality.
  2. Governance Accountability – Achieving and maintaining high standards of management and governance to improve quality consistent with our mission and values.
  3. Leading-Edge Care and Services – Implementing models and practices that are based on evidence of their success, represent the tradition of personal service and are adaptable to a changing society.
  4. Community Involvement – Engaging in community citizenship and service – social accountability, volunteer involvement and relationship-building.
  5. Continuous Quality Improvement – Using Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) methods to enhance existing programs.
  6. Human Resources Development – Providing training, competitive wages and benefits, and a supportive workplace environment.
  7. Consumer-Friendly Information – Providing accessible and understandable information for older adults, families and caregivers.
  8. Consumer Participation – Engaging residents/clients, family members and other consumers in care and services.
  9. Research Findings and Education – Using and sharing the latest research findings to improve care and services for older adults.
  10. Public Trust and Consumer Confidence – Committing to a policy of outreach, openness and authenticity.

These are the outcomes we expect from Quality First:

  • There will be demonstrated continued improvement in compliance with applicable federal and state regulations.
  • There will be demonstrable progress in promoting financial integrity and preventing occurrences of fraud.
  • There will be demonstrable progress (and continued compliance) in the prevention of abuse and neglect.
  • There will be progressive and/or sustained achievements in the quality of clinical outcomes.
  • Consumers will report high satisfaction with care and services.
  • There will be demonstrable improvement in employee retention and turnover rates.

The Simpson Senior Services communities will achieve quality improvement by establishing processes that enable them to continually assess what they do and how they do it. Staff at every level are active in quality improvement and this work is endorsed by our community and corporate Boards of Directors.

Quality First is a self-monitoring initiative. By signing the Quality First Covenant we make a commitment to quality in our communities. On a national basis, the National Commission for Quality Long-Term Care will be “monitoring” the field. The Commission will evaluate quality of aging services, identify factors influencing the ability to improve quality of care nationally, and make recommendations about national efforts that would lead to sustainable quality improvement.

For more information about LeadingAge Quality First, visit the website.